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This web site is dedicated to the two wheeled revolution that started what is known as BMX Freestyle. From the beginnings of racing and jumping, kids started doing something that led to the revolution of transportation as we know it. Riders pushed the limits of what was possible on a bicycle with thier imaginations guiding thier moves. Each rider had his own style and saw terrain and obstacles through his own lense. The very bicycle itself was transformed into a tool specifically designed for this type of riding. From the early sessions of Bob Haro to the pictures that filled the pages of magazines all throughout the eighties to early nineties, you could see a progression of the interpretation of riders feeding off of each other. Inspired by the moves of fellow riders, each person expanded freestyle with new variations or took a move to a new location. The riding became an art form while the city centers and backyard ramps were the canvases. Each rider can display thier own character and interpretation. This is a tribute to the roots.
This is OldSchoolFreestyle....
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